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Secondary and Primary Maths Tutoring Centres


At Team Tutor Melbourne all aspects of numeracy tuition are on offer. Our Maths Tutor assist students on an individual level ensuring any gaps in learning are filled along with extending the skills of students who seek higher potential and may be aiming for scholarship preparation, or at a secondary level, preparation for university courses.


Our tutors are experienced and encouraging. The primary maths tutor will assess and plan a numeracy program that both challenges and affirms knowledge and skills already achieved by each student. All primary students are given individual work plans that teach mathematical thinking and problem solving providing the foundation for a love for mathematics and an “I can do it!” level of self confidence and achievement.


Successfully studying maths at secondary school provides a strong and broad base for future university degrees, courses of study and future professions. At Team Tutor Melbourne, the secondary and VCE mathematics tutors will be completing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in maths and will have achieved to a very high level in their own VCE.


VCE subjects covered include; General Mathematics, Advanced General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods (CAS), Further Mathematics and Specialist Mathematics. These are VCE subjects where our mathematics tutors at Team Tutor Melbourne provide expert tutoring in mathematical reasoning and understanding.


As with all our Maths tuition understanding the use of a graphics calculator is an essential focus. Additionally, support and teaching on exam strategies, organisation and planning, is provided by practicing with past exam papers.


We aspire to be the best maths tutors in Melbourne, we aim to develop each student to optimise their performance and results.

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