Expert Physics Tutors in Melbourne


Physics tuition covers the VCE curriculum. Physics is a theoretical and empirical science. The study of physics has led to innovative knowledge and learning in areas such as industrial, medical, engineering and technical applications.


Our tutors at Team Tutor have a high level of experience and achievement in the science of physics having performed in the top quartile of the state and are currently undertaking further study in physics at university.


In Melbourne, Physics tutor will aim to cover the methodology, teach an understanding of the role of conceptual and mathematical models applying to physical phenomena, identify and assess validity and reliability of models and data, and coach helping students to understand applications of physics to technology while understanding emerging technologies. Skill development in design, practical investigations and critical evaluation and effective communication of research and findings form part of the process.


Further coaching is provided in exam technique and strategies using material from the VCAA and past exam and test papers.

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