Team Tutor Melbourne offers quality and flexible tuition service for Primary School students. Through the use of highly qualified and experienced tutors, we aim to assist students in getting the most out of their education.


At Team Tutor Melbourne, we understand that students can become easily confused and upset if they fall behind in their learning. We therefore aim to assist students in their learning, in order to give them the confidence to be able to learn and discover on their own. With specialisations in Literacy and Numeracy subjects, our tutors are able to convey difficult concepts clearly and easily to students.


We provide very affordable tuition services for Primary School students. With One on One tuition and Small group tuition services on offer, we provide flexible options that are able to cater for any student in order to maximise their learning. These sessions generally run for one hour, in order to provide the best outcome for your child.


For more information about how we can best cater for your child’s needs, contact us today!

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